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Led by Autistic People for Autistic People

Our mission is to bring the autistic community together in a co-operative effort to ensure that, in every aspect of health and social care, the needs and views of autistic people are taken into account by those who provide or commission services.

Autistic UK is a National Representative Organisation led by autistic people for autistic people.  We are also a DPO as over 52% of our board are disabled people (as per the Equalities Act Definition).

Our primary focus is to ensure that autistic peoples rights are upheld and that all autistic adults have equal access to everyday services. 

Our directors have a diverse range of skills and experience as trainers, researchers and equality and diversity practitioners all have a proven record of supporting public-sector service providers in their drive to understand both autism and how to support autistic people. 


We Work:

• to advance the interests of all autistic people as well as those with related neurodevelopmental conditions.

• to promote the civil and human rights of autistic people

• to campaign for the enforcement of legislation guaranteeing our rights

• to increase understanding of autistic people, our differences and our needs

• to improve facilities and conditions for all autistic people

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Our organisation is unique in that it is giving a voice to autistic adults, and it is being developed by us rather than for us.


We are focusing  on the development of platforms to connect and empower the autistic community.

We support, inform, educate, advocate, and challenge unfair systems, practices and policies which disadvantage autistic people and negatively impact on their wellbeing.

We work productively with policymakers and services to advance the interests of all autistic people as well as those with related neurodevelopmental conditions. Whilst promoting the rights of autistic  and neurodivergent people across the UK.

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Nothing About Us Without Us 

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