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Support Our Work

There are lots of ways you can support us

Supporting Autistic UK - choose how you'd like to help out.  Image: several people's hands atop each other in the middle of the group



Please consider leaving us a gift in your will.  Download the details you will need here:

Recommend a product for our list

We currently have a product list, via Amazon, which means that with each purchase via our links, a small donation is made to us by Amazon.  Each product has been recommended to, or tested by, at least one of our Directors.

If you know of a physical product or perhaps an app that's really helped you or an autistic family member, let us know what it is, and we'll credit you when we add the link to the product list.  Thank you!

Opens in a new tab  You choose the amount

Takes you to our SquareUp; close the tab to return to our site

We're working on our online presence.  Shares are quick, free and mean a lot!

Free to subscribe; will help us in the long run, with both monetary support and getting heard

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