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Who We Work With 

We have worked with many service providers in the UK including the Welsh Government, NHS Wales, NHS England, and many others.

As a representative and influencing organisation, we strive to ensure that autistic people's voices are heard at all levels of policy development and service delivery, facilitating opportunities for them to share lived experiences and coproduce services.

We engage with the Autistic community and work at a strategy and policy level

We support, inform, educate, advocate, and challenge unfair, systems and practices, and policies that disadvantage autistic people and negatively impact their wellbeing.

Welsh Government 

National Autism Team Wales 

North Wales Integrated Autism Service 

Betsi Cadwallader University Health Board 

North Wales Police 

North Wales Rape and Sexual Assualt Centre 

Disability Wales 

Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales 

The Womens Health Coalition 

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