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How People Can get Involved 


Help explain to decision makers and service providers what it means to be autistic. Help ensure our rights are protected. Help build a better future for autistic people throughout the UK.

Make that change happen

All of our work is currently undertaken voluntarily by a small and dedicated team of Directors and Volunteers

Autistic UK are currently looking to expand our volunteer base due to an increasing workload and a need for autistic and neurodivergent people to be represented on an increasing number of strategic groups and panels

We have roles that are home based and which can be done virtually and also opportunity's to work in our office in Llandudno

Rather than finding a person to fit a role we work with our team members and volunteers to develop a role that meets the needs of the individual and utilises their skills  talents and areas of interest

Many people  have expressed an interest in being involved further and that they would welcome mechanisms which help them connect with other autistic people .

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Involvement Opportunities


•The Autistic Citizens Voice

•Autistic UK Women’s Group

Volunteer Activities 

●Admin Roles

●Website Design

●Content Creators

●Peer Supporters

●Attending Focus Groups

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