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Autistic UK Training 

If You Want To Know What Life Is Like For Autistic People ...  Ask Autistic People!

One of Autistic UK’s main objectives is to educate those who support autistic people. 


We work to improve facilities and conditions for autistic people by providing training that increases understanding of autistic people, our differences and our needs, to the people at the helm of our services.  We want to bridge the gap between the services and the communities they serve.


Autistic UK provide training that is presented from an autistic perspective both online and in person.  We educate and inform through training sessions which are designed and delivered by Autistic People.  

Our informative sessions are suitable for professionals, parents, carers and family members. 

These sessions look at all the challenges and barriers we face and also aim to help others recognise our strengths and talents and discuss useful tools and strategies.

Our Lived Experience Trainers

All of Autistic UK’s directors have been involved in training across sectors, between us delivering sessions to many different professions and walks of life. 


Whether we are on stage in front of a conference, delivering to a group in your own building, or training one-to-one, we are happy to share our experiences and provide context and back-story alongside them.  This gives you the best, fullest picture of where we are coming from.


Our sessions are informative, and interactive and utilise lived experience to the full.  All of our trainers are autistic and/or otherwise neurodivergent.  They have the ability to detail the autistic experience to people who might not otherwise get to hear much about it from an autistic perspective.


We want to share our own experiences, and the experiences of others , to illustrate what life is like for autistic people. We feel that this is the best way to help shape the services provided to autistic people, because to truly understand what someone needs, you have to have some concept of how they feel and what their needs are.  Our training is authentic and takes into account many different viewpoints, in order to create variety and a wider range of experience. 


We know that as a community that we need to move beyond raising awareness.  Awareness has been raised continually.  Being aware is only the first step. 


Myths and stereotypes still mould the dialogue around autism.  Misinformation about autistic people is still abound across the media.  To get the full picture, we need to be talking to autistic people themselves.  Autistic UK encompasses the views of the community within our training sessions, gleaned from our user groups both online and in person.


Getting your knowledge of autism from a textbook is one thing but when you go out there and meet autistic people and really take time to listen to them.  The reality of their life’s teaches you the truth - reality teaches you that you cannot fit anyone into a box  whether they are autistic or non-autistic.  


Just as society had to unlearn much knowledge imposed on the disabled by the non-disabled decades ago  there is now a massive task ahead of autistics to replace much of what the world knows about our own difference . There is the huge task of unlearning and learning anew ahead of all involved in autism in any way. With autistics playing a central role this time around. Now progress can start, instead of digging holes with lies, myths, ignorance's.  

As Autistic Trainers we know all too well what the societal, environmental and other barriers are. Our aim is too shortcut the time it takes to develop knowledge in relation to autistic   adults by working co-productively across third sector and public sector   services and therefore increase good working practice  We're also educating professionals involved in the delivery of services, to ensure that the needs and wants of Autistic people are considered, as standard.


Training provided for professional needs to include the experiences of autistic adults. Not just training on how to use a diagnostic tool and fit us into neat little boxes. Services need staff who understand the challenges and barriers and who can communicate and support us in the way we need. We believe that the inclusion of autistic adults in the development and delivery of training will improve understanding and develop more positive attitudes  across all services   


Autism is rarely a stand-alone condition and many autistic adults have  accompanying conditions. 

Gaining a true understanding of Autistic people means having a understand of all the different aspects that combine to create barriers for autistic people across the life span. Our training sessions discuss co-occurring conditions and the intersectionality of an individuals protected characteristics. 


We can provide training in small or large groups, although larger groups are better suited to face-to-face training.  Groups of up to 10 work well online. 


Our scheduled training events are run via Zoom, which means people from any location can take part.  


We also offer in-house training and group supervision.  For further details of the courses we are currently running please watch this space.  (Dec 2023)

Online Sessions

These sessions will be held on multiple dates and will be a mix of daytime and evening sessions to ensure flexibility and we can also be booked to do sessions for groups and organisations. 

Book here:


Short Courses

Our short courses are available either on line or at community venues in North West Wales  

  • Understanding Autistic Lives and the Autistic community

  • Inclusion Training for Professionals 


Bespoke, Role Specific Sessions

Our training is just as unique as autistic people .We work with service providers to develop bespoke session’s which are  role specific and needs based  


One size does not fit all and that is equally true for those who provide services 


Contact us to work with you to develop bespoke sessions that are tailored to meet the needs of any team  


For more information about how we can help broaden your understanding of how autistic people experience the world, please email  Send us an email to:

Autistic autism training by Autistic UK CIC, March 2022
Photo from March 2022.  Many thanks to Proludic Ltd
Willow Training_edited.jpg

"Would like thank you on behalf of everyone who was at our branch meeting for the talk you did today. It was really insightful, at the right level for our volunteers, it tied in well with our EDI journey and it was well received by everyone. I really appreciate everything you shared with us today"

Samaritans Bristol, Aug 2022

Autism ADHD training, Autistic UK CIC trainers, health and social care, education, peer support, local authority, council, breakout rooms screenshot.png

"A massive thank you for the session beginning of this month. We have had some really good feedback from those in attendance. One attendee thought she was fully aware of the subject; however, she has learnt a considerable amount more on neurodivergence"


Anglesey Housing Services

Remote support and training from Autistic UK CIC, autism, ADHD, ASC, communication differences, social anxiety, accessing public services, accessible healthcare

"The training we received from Autistic UK was excellent – it was informative and engaging.  The trainers had developed a presentation bespoke for our needs as an organisation specialising in sexual violence, we particularly valued that both trainers are autistic and therefore shared their views and reality for considerations on delivering services to Autistic people.  As part of the day, the trainers also undertook an audit of our facilities, providing recommendations for us to consider so that our facilities are autistic-friendly, these recommendations are currently being implemented and introduced and will be welcomed by ALL of our service users. "


RASAC North Wales

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