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Who We Are

Autistic UK CIC's directors have been recruited from a variety of backgrounds and we bring with us a wide range of skills.

We are all neurodivergent, identifying as autistic - not forgetting the other conditions some of us have such as ADHD, ME, EDS, Irlen's Syndrome and Dyspraxia.

We are based in 4 different areas of the UK, but as working remotely suits us, we have been able to continue a lot of our work during the pandemic.

Gold infinity symbol with clasped hands, showing solidarity in the Autistic community; Autism support for adults in England; Wales; Scotland; UK

Meet the Directors

Executive Directors

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Willow Holloway, Director at Autistic UK
Julian Morgan, Director at Autistic UK CIC
Cadno Coch, Director at Autistic UK CIC
Cathy Jackson, Director at Autistic UK CIC
Helen Robson, Director at Autistic UK CIC

Non-Executive Directors

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What We Do

We are a Disabled People's Organisation (DPO) - run by Autistic people, for Autistic people.

Much of our work is representation; our Directors currently sit on various boards, with the North Wales Police, Welsh Government, the Greater Manchester Autism Consortium, the NHS, and several local organisations alongside Autistic UK.

The Autistic UK Intro video here describes what we are about.  It is 2m 5secs long and has subtitles.

Autistic UK Intro

Autistic UK Intro

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Our activities fall into three main categories:  Representation, Systems Advocacy and Training.

We don't provide personal advocacy, as unfortunately we don't have the resources for this.

Why We Do It

We are all neurodivergent ourselves and we have all been in situations where, if the other people involved had been able to understand us better, things would have been a lot easier and/or had a much more positive outcome.

We'd like to help create a world that allows for differences between us and our fellow humans, as standard; a world where everyone's needs are considered.

Awareness is a good first step, but we need to go beyond that.  There should be acceptance and understanding too. Autistic UK aim to equip autistic people with the tools to self-advocate, while also providing training and advice to education, health, and support services so they are better able to provide a service which is accessible to all autistics.

Mission Statement
Photo frame for Autistic UK's mission statement; to ensure that the needs and views of autistic people are taken into consideration. 2022

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring the autistic community together in a co-operative effort to ensure that, in every aspect of health and social care, the needs and views of autistic people are taken into account by those who provide or commission services.

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