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 Autistic UK is fully user-led and developed by Autistic people for Autistic people to promote the value of acceptance of Autistic people in the community.



The journey we have been on since our formation in 2019 up to  today has been challenging, enlightening and at times great fun Setting up as a non-profit just before a global pandemic proved to be a real challenge but despite the barriers and the impact of Covid itself on our director’s and volunteers’ health, we have still managed to do  a large amount of representation and engagement during the pandemic and have sat on many advisory groups We have connected with autistic adults across the UK and have met many autistic advocates who give us hope for a brighter future

Autistic UK Intro

Autistic UK Intro

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Autistic UK is a trans and non-binary inclusive organisation. We refer to ‘women’ throughout our work, but please note this encompasses both cis women and trans women as women, and non-binary people and trans men who may require services often referred to as relating to ‘women’ such as cervical screening particularly as trans women face many of the issues even though they don’t have a womb.)

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