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Spinnaker Tower, Going Gold!

Autistic UK is proud to announce that the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, Hampshire will be lighting up and Going Gold on April 2nd, World Autism Awareness Day.

This is an open invitation to any who wish to join us there to celebrate the day and show their support for Autism Acceptance. We extend a welcome to all Autistic persons of all ages along with their parents, families, friends and supporters.

Wear something yellow/gold or bring balloons of that hue. Paint a picture, your face or whatever you want as long as you are there to wear, display or hold your choice of showing support.

To find out more about the Going Gold campaign, go to our website at the address below. There will be more detail about the running order when we are better able to know how many people will be coming, so keep an eye out on

Directions to the Spinnaker Tower can be found on its website here;

We hope you will come on the day and join us in first thanking the Spinnaker Tower for their support on this.

We will see you there!

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