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National Diversity Awards; Emma Dalmayne

Autism Rights Campaigner Emma Dalmayne has been nominated for the ‘Positive Role Model Award – Disability’ Award, as part of the National Diversity Awards.

We are urging all of our supporters to vote for Emma to win this award. Here at Autistic UK, we believe that Emma’s sterling work to protect Autistic People from toxic and poisonous ‘Autism Cures’, deserves to be recognised.

To vote for Emma, click on the following link, and then follow the on-site instructions;

My name is Emma Dalmayne. I am an autism rights campaigner, I campaign against abusive autistic treatments and ‘cures’.

I am Autistic myself,when I was diagnosed with Aspergers at age 37 it was such a relief, to know and understand why I had always felt like I had wondered into a conversation or situation everyone else had prior prompting and scripts too!

My youngest son was diagnosed before me which led to me opening a Facebook support group for autistics and parents/carers. I became aware that not all parents are as accepting of Autism as I after seeing a group named CD Autism on Facebook. I began campaigning against autistic mistreatment, in particular MMS which is chlorine dioxide bleach being used in enemas and oral solution to ‘cure’ Autism.

I have worked with the BBC, BEN TV,The Independent, The Mirror, Victoria Derbyshire Show, The Guardian, The Times and London Live to expose this vile abuse. I have infiltrated Facebook groups under fake profiles to find out where these parents are who are using these vile torturous treatments on their vulnerable autistic children and adults.

Once I know, I report them to the police and social services. This has resulted in two children being removed from abusive homes. It also has the back lash of me receiving threats of rape and death. I have had trolling emails and messages, Twitter abuse and phone calls, vile blogs written about me. Thus is what we as campaigners endure

I have spoken before the Public Policy Exchange and the NHS Advisory Committee. We are working on a leaflet to be handed out in hospitals and paediatricians with red flags listed for MMS abuse. I have reported countless abuse cases worldwide, it greatly hurts me to look at my own autistic children and think if they had have been born to the wrong families…who knows.

It’s not only bleach being used on autistic vulnerables, it’s turpentine, borax, kerosene, GcMAF. So much pain being caused and for nothing.

There are harmful ‘therapies’ using compliance :

And more dangerous substances here:

I made a petition asking that the government make touting, selling or using fake cures illegal in the UK. It now has 60,500 signatures here:

This led to this piece here;

And then many more, sadly because of the amount of parents I was reporting.

I recently went to the National Autistic Society for a meeting with to ask them again to please consider backing legislation. They finally, after four years, agreed. I was accompanied by Kieran Rose and Richard Mills. The meeting can be heard here;

I was consulted on the Westminster Autism Commission survey for fake cures and I have been invited to the launch on the 28th of March to parliament for the resulting report.

I love to write! I began writing a few years ago and have a website called

I have had the joy of having my first book published!

It’s called ‘It’s An Autism Thing I’ll Help You Understand It’ and you can see it on www.stass

I wanted, no needed parents and professionals to see things from an Autistic perspective, and to help them understand behaviours and self stimulation.

Too many times I’ve seen the urge to understand stifled in the curious as they are palmed off with ‘It’s an Autism thing, you wouldn’t understand it!’

I thought well let’s help then to! Hopefully the empowerment the parents and carers will feel can help make their charges feel more understood and supported.

I continue to write with and have another two children’s books, one published called Susie Spins,a book to educate children about their autistic peers, and another penned and ready to go.

I have opened an organisation called AIM – Autistic Inclusive Meets.

I have a wonderful diverse board of directors, a mix of autistic and neurotypical.

Our aim is to encourage and support autistic individuals out into the community in inclusive environments. We run a weekly playgroup that is well attended by autistic children right up to teens along with brilliant autistic adults that volunteer their time to interact with the children and help advise the parents.

We have meals out and sensory friendly discos,we are not are open to all boroughs and take pre-diagnosis. All people with disabilities are welcome.

We have recently been very lucky to gain some support in raising funds and spreading autism acceptance from Nandos 02!

Thank you for reading!


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