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Like a lot of autistic people, we're not always so ready to talk about ourselves.... but we're involved in a lot of projects - projects we believe are important for the autistic community - so we've created this site to showcase what we're up to and the projects we're involved in.


We represent Autistic people in the places where services are designed, decisions are made and whole communities are affected.  At the moment, this includes the NHS, the North Wales Police, Welsh Government and local government in Manchester and Derbyshire.


We're also educating professionals involved in the delivery of services, to ensure that the needs and wants of Autistic people are considered, as standard.

Unfortunately we do not offer personal advocacy, as we do not have the resources to be able to do so.

Autism; autistic people in the UK; autistic peers; peer support; autistic adults and their families

Close up of a pile of paper files labelled "current work", representing Autistic UK current projects; we're working with the NHS, North Wales Police and local authorities in Manchester and Derbyshire
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We're over 100!

Thank you so much to everyone who's subscribed!  We are planning lots of different content types and we're looking forward to making more of our YouTube channel.

June 2023: We are about to start another run of our adults' Peer Support sessions.  Thank you to all those who have shown interest.  We will contact you soon about the next start date.

As you may notice, we are partway through a redesign of our website.  We should soon be able to publish our updates

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