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Peer Support

Talk to (or just listen to) other autistic people about the autistic experience of life.

We started providing online peer support during the pandemic, and for 2023 we will be expanding on this, and developing a new format

June 2023: We are about to start another run of our adults' Peer Support sessions. 

Thank you to all those who have shown interest.  We will contact you soon about the next start date.

What is Peer Support?

Relaxed, informal discussions about autism and the conditions that can come with it, led by other autistic / neurodivergent adults.

How does it help?

Being able to share knowledge, information and experiences with other people who understand and have had similar experiences can go a long way to helping you feel more comfortable with those experiences, understand more about your own autism / neurodivergence, and develop coping strategies.

Do I need a formal diagnosis to join in?

No.  Self-identification is welcome, whether you began to identify as autistic / neurodivergent years ago or just yesterday.

How do I attend sessions?

Currently these are held fortnightly on Zoom.  During the next twelve months we will be trialling a new hybrid format so that those who live in the same area can meet up a few times a year.

Register your interest here:

A comfy sofa, which is where you can join in Autistic UK's Peer Support for Autistic Adults in the UK
Join in from your sofa!

Autistic UK currently has two online peer support groups running 

Our groups are not therapy, We meet up as a discussion group and are currently seeking funding to run more groups

A Peer Support Network Encouraging Community Inclusion through Autistic friendly social opportunity’s

We will be arranging meetups across North Wales and The North West initially We hope this will develop into a united community and lead to the further development of our networks.

Peer support is not a replacement for specialist mental health support, but the benefit of knowing that you are not alone and that other people understand the difficulties you have experienced can have a really positive impact on your emotional wellbeing

Online peer network that offers information, support, and informal advice to those with a neurodevelopmental difference.

Our organisation is firmly based in the philosophies of peer-to-peer support

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