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We have produced a preliminary report using the survey data collected during the first few days of its launch. This preliminary report serves two main purposes:

  1. It provides an insight into the experiences of Autistic young people and the reasons they are unable to attend school, highlighting the need to gather more data in order to compile a comprehensive report.

  2. It reveals the limitations in the data received to this point, including the demographics of people who have responded so far, and who we need to directly seek responses from to ensure the data is representative of a wide range of Autistic experiences.

The survey will remain open until Sunday 3rd January 2021. You can find it here if you haven’t yet completed it. It is completely anonymous, including IP tracking being disabled. If you would prefer to email us with your experiences, please send it to putting ‘School Survey’ in the subject bar. You can also email us if you would rather speak to us through video calling software, or if there is another method of communication which enables you to tell your story.

Our preliminary report contains information which some readers may find distressing, including statistics relating to suicide. Should you wish to read our initial findings, you can find the report here.

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