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Updated: Mar 23

Following the announcement made on 1st August 2020 regarding the long awaited outcome of campaigning to ensure consistent and adequate training across all health and care services, our community welcomes the Oliver McGowan Mandatory Learning Disability and Autism Training. We congratulate Paula McGowan on this magnificent achievement.

However, there is an increasing level of concern and interest in how this mandatory training’s content and delivery will be designed. In order for ordinary people to be able to express themselves and have their voices heard, Autistic UK has designed this survey to facilitate the autism community in making its views known. As a result of this first survey, we can discover which questions you want answered in future surveys as soon as we know more.

This survey is open to all individuals, parents, carers, and those working with Autistic people, regardless of neurotype, in order for us to gather as wide a spectrum of opinion as possible. We can accept responses from people aged 13+ in line with social media practice.

We will publish the results and make them available to any interested parties. We will also present them to relevant authorities. This survey should take about 15 minutes to complete.

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