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Research Involvement

At Autistic UK and The AWE Project, we are often asked to get involved in research .In recent years they has been an increase in not only participatory research but also research that is led by autistic and neurodivergent academics. Through the AWE Project and Autistic UK We have been involved in research in many ways either in an advisory role, as participants, sensitivity readers or sitting on advisory panels and by helping to disseminate research.

Autistic UK’s Research Sharing Criteria 

•Autistic Led and Designed Research 

•Participatory Research 

•Neuro affirming language 

•Community Involvement 

We have been involved in research in various ways 

Recent Involvement included being advisor on the following projects 

•One Page Profile for Autistic Girls 

•Covid Research Cranfield University  


With our current interest in healthcare, we have involvement with a great group of researchers and midwifes whose aim is to improve the experiences of autistic parents during the birth experience

•MARG or the Maternity Autism Research Group are currently putting together a website with helpful resources   You can find out more from their website here





Autism from Menstruation to Menopause


We are also involved in a very exciting research project which is been led by Dr Aimee Grant

Dr Aimee Grant, an Autistic academic, in collaboration with researchers at the Centre for Lactation, Infant Feeding and Translational Research, Autistic UK and Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales has been working with Autistic people to understand the differences in Autistic experiences of healthcare, including in relation to pregnancy, pregnancy loss and breastfeeding. Her Wellcome Trust fellowship, Autism from menstruation to menopause will work with Autistic people to understand their everyday lives and reproductive health needs for eight years.

Read More Here

These are just a few of the study’s we are involved in and look forward to being asked to participate and collaborate on many more 

Autistic UK is also currently looking at the increased prevalence of abuse against autistic people, specifically around women we are looking at increased prevalence of domestic abuse and sexual assault. We have also been asked to look at the increasing rates of children with ND conditions that are being taken into the care of the authority and the reasons behind this 

Consulting on the development of research studys and sensitivity reading 

Involvement in Research Networks 

Participatory Research 

Autism from Menstruation to Menopause 

Research on Autistic Mothers Experiences of Infant Feeding 

Autistic Peoples Experiences of Using Healthcare Passports 

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