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Autistic UK Representation 


Every Barrier That Autistic Adults Break Down Today Is One That Autistic Children

Should Not Have to Face Tomorrow

Independent Voice: the Voice of the Autistic Adult  

We believe that Autistic and neuro-divergent adults should have choice and the opportunity to make their own decisions and should be able to access accessible services .


As a representative and influencing organisation, we strive to ensure that autistic peoples voices are heard at all levels of service delivery, facilitating opportunities for them to share lived experiences and co-produce services. 

We  are  members of rights-based organisations and sit on diversity and equality panels.  

We represent Autistic people in the places where services are designed, decisions are made and whole communities are affected. 


At the moment, this includes the NHS,  North Wales Police, Welsh Government and local government in Manchester and Derbyshire. We also attend the meetings of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism. 


We are working to increase the level of representation with government bodies and public service providers. 

Representation in Wale

We are extremely impressed with the level of consultation and inclusion of autistic voices in the development of policy here in  Wales and the use of advisory groups by the National Autism Team to develop resources. This involves including the views of autistic people in the development of information sheets on their websites to training programs for health and social care Autistic people are involved from the start of the development not just as an afterthought.

Our Directors have been involved with the development of policy and services here in Wales for quite a few years now and it is wonderful to see more diversity and younger people coming forward and joining advisory groups and panels. Our Chair has sat on two of the Welsh Governments autism strategy and implementation groups over the last five years which focused very much on the Development of The Integrated Autism Service and The Code of Practice on the Delivery of Autism Services.  

Here in Wales involvement and participation are welcomed by Welsh Government and the National Autism Team, we just need to see that level of co-production across all services . 

The Welsh Government has adopted the Social Model of Disability and Disability Wales represent disabled people at a policy level across a whole range of issues including the needs of neurodivergent people. 

Minsters Neurodivergence  Advisory Group 

Over the last year Welsh Government policy has expanded its focus on autism to include other neurodevelopmental conditions (namely ADHD and Tourette's) with the aim of improving awareness and achieving parity in service provision. 

They are looking to achieve lasting improvements to neurodevelopmental conditions services through an ambitious programme of reform - a new 'national improvement programme for neurodevelopmental conditions'.    
They have established a Neurodevelopmental Conditions Ministerial Advisory Group to assist Ministers and Deputy Ministers with the direction, implementation and evaluation of neurodevelopmental conditions services. Two of our directors applied for roles on the group and both were successful.


At a more local level, Autistic people are involved as lived experience advisors to the North Wales Integrated Autism Service , and one of our Directors  also Co-chairs the Strategic Board. 

Autistic people’s views need to be heard not just at a national level but also at a local level in local steering and planning groups. Some local authority's embrace this representation, but others are behind the times and over the coming months our organisation will be contacting local authorities to promote the importance and value of lived experience and quoting our current work as examples of good practice.  

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