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Building our Networks

Autistic UK are founding members of the European Council for Autistic People

We are also members of rights-based organisations and sit on diversity and equality panels

Through Autistic UK we run online forums which have over 7,000 members.


Our Directors are also members of many online groups networks and forums for autistic people with an estimated reach of over 2 million autistic people worldwide.

Building a Community  

● Developing Community Connections

● Building Trusting Relationships

● Autistic Spaces

● Collaborative Working

● Peer Networks

● Peer Mentoring

● Online Network

Wider Community

Autistic UK believes that carers, family members, friends, and supporters of autistic people play an important role in both our everyday lives and as allies in the fight for our rights. It welcomes these non-autistic people as network associates.


Between then our directors sit on many boards advisory groups and strategic panels. We all attend as many events as we can.. We attend  consultation and participation events to ensure that there is Autistic representation.


These range from big conferences to small local events

Here in Wales involvement and participation are welcomed by Welsh Government and the National Autism Team, we just need to see that level of co-production across all services.


Autistic people do not live in a bubble and therefore we cannot just concentrate on perfecting autism services we need to see a much wider culture change to really make a difference,

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