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Focus Groups


Autistic UK holds focus and advisory groups in order to provide verifiable data to inform on the issues the Autistic community across the UK faces, and to ascertain what their needs are, if they are being met, and how well.


This information is then fed into government level meetings concerning strategy, evaluation, service provision, pathways for diagnoses and post diagnostic care needs.,

Training on these matters is also devised taking this into account and delivered to a number of high-profile organisations, including the Police, NHS, other non-profits, and local and national authorities and government.  


What do you like or dislike about a service you have received?  Do you have suggestions you'd like to see put into practice?


Autistic UK have links to relevant departments, so we can feed your ideas back to people who need to hear it.


 Join in with our focus groups on different topics so that your opinions are included in our feedback.

Please click the button below to sign up for our next set of sessions, and check this page again for individual dates / topics.

The groups are held online, and are quite informal discussions of the set topic.  They usually last around 2 hours and are kept small, no more than 8 participants, with the addition of two of our directors.

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