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Engagement and Involvement

Autism - One word trying to tell a million stories

Autistic UK seeks, not to represent autistic people, but ensure that autistic people have the opportunities, mechanisms and processes in place to empower autistic people and enable them to represent themselves.

● Social Media Platforms

● Website  

● Focus Groups 

● Working Groups 

● Consultations

● Engagement Events 

● Co-production 

● Peer Support 

● Mentoring

● Connected Networks

Autistic UK recognise that many autistic people may be unable to represent themselves or may experience great difficulty in doing so. We seek to ensure that these people have access to advocates who will represent their wishes accurately.

How We Engage


We engage with the Autistic community through our online platform’s engagement events and focus groups

We run online forums which have over 7,000 members. Our Facebook pages have over 15,000 followers and we get around 20,000 hits on our website monthly.

Our directors are also members of many online groups and forums for autistic people with an estimated reach of over 2 million autistic people worldwide.

We are on multiple social media platforms which we will continue to develop.

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