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The Autistic Womens Empowerment Project 

The AWE Project


“When I started the Autistic Women’s Empowerment Project, empowerment meant just that. It was about reclaiming power, gaining confidence, and claiming our rights. Unfortunately, ‘empowerment’ is sometimes used to justify the removal of support. Therefore, while incorporating the AWE project into A-UK, we combine its empowerment roots while acknowledging - and reminding others - those humans are naturally interdependent, and one can be both empowered and in need of support.


We have put together two reports. One on the project, how it was developed and the work we have been involved alongside our Break the Bias report which at the barriers that autistic women face 

The AWE Project will continue to act as a voice for the female autistic community


For lots of us attending groups and meet-ups is difficult, but we still want to understand our condition and connect with others who understand. We hope that through our website, and social media we will be able to reach autistic women wherever they maybe 

The Autistic UK women's advisory group  will meet 3 monthly and will focus on the need for increased representation 

Members will work together to lobby decision makers etc to ensure autistic women's and girls’ needs are incorporated into policy and service design . 

There will also be the opportunity to join working groups around specific issues 

●Monthly Update

●3 Monthly Meeting

●Annual Report

●Working Groups

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