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Meet Our Directors 

Who Leads Autistic UK ?  



Autistic UK CIC's directors have been recruited from a variety of backgrounds and we bring with us a wide range of skills.


All our directors at Autistic UK identify as autistic or neurodivergent and all share the mutual aim to see better support provision and understanding of autistic people across the life span and are passionate about furthering autistic people’s rights.  

The Founding members are committed to the development of the organisation


Currently, we have nine directors who are a varied mix of personalities with a wide skills base and experience across many sectors including health, education, criminal justice and disability rights.   

 A high percentage of us are also the parents of autistic and neurodivergent children and grandchildren.   

 Autistic UK operates by utilising online communication.


Our Directors are located around the UK and for this reason we utilise technology to enable us all to meet.  

We meet regularly and together are building the structure of the organisation.


Our organisations activities include regular focus groups for our network - we are currently putting together engagement groups that will meet online at regular intervals .


Attendance at consultation and participation events to ensure that there is autistic representation


Webmaster and Social Media Co-ordination of our website and multiple social media platforms    

We have around 6000 members across our groups, and are followed by over 20,000 and individually most of our directors also provide peer support to our network.


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