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Meet Our Directors 

Autistic UK CIC's directors have been recruited from a variety of backgrounds and we bring with us a wide range of skills.

We are all neurodivergent, identifying as autistic - not forgetting the other conditions some of us have such as ADHD, ME, EDS, Irlen's Syndrome and Dyspraxia.

We are currently based in 4 different areas of England and Wales, and we have plans to expand this into other areas too.

What We Do

Much of our work is behind-the-scenes, as we take the views we have heard from the Autistic community to larger bodies such as North Wales Police, the Senedd, and Betsi Cadwaladr, where we represent those views.  This is often directly to the decision makers for public services.  We have seen encouraging, positive changes beginning to be implemented as a result of our efforts in this field.

Much of the rest of what we do is more 'visible' - we run training sessions for service providers, explaining what it is like for Autistic people accessing those services and giving them the tools and knowledge to be able to improve accessibility.

We are lucky to be able to say that we also collaborate on projects designed to improve the information available for the Autistic community, especially relating to health and making use of public services.

Why We Do It


We are all neurodivergent ourselves and we have all been in situations where, if the other people involved had been able to understand us better, things would have been a lot easier and/or had a much more positive outcome.

We'd like to help create a world that allows for differences between us and our fellow humans, as standard; a world where everyone's needs are considered.

Awareness is a good first step, but we need to go beyond that.  There should be acceptance and understanding too. Autistic UK aim to equip autistic people with the tools to self-advocate, while also providing training and advice to education, health, and support services so they are better able to provide a service which is accessible to all autistics

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