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Campaigning and Lobbying 

Our primary focus is to ensure that our rights upheld and that all autistic adults have equal access to everyday services by promoting the civil and human rights of autistic people and campaigning for the enforcement of legislation guaranteeing our rights.

We are members of rights-based organisations and sit on diversity and equality panels .We inform, educate, advocate and challenge unfair systems, practices and policies which disadvantage autistic people and negatively impact on their wellbeing.

In recent years we have seen a lot of negative media around campaigning and activism. When we talk about activism now it is so often seen as a negative term and that terminology has been used as if it is something derogatory.

Autism Bubble.png

Organisations avoid talking about autistic rights as it may affect funders' decisions or if we talk about our rights as individuals we are often seen as troublemakers. It's not wrong to understand your rights and there is far more to campaigning and lobbying than just protesting with banners 

Autistic people do not live in an autism bubble and therefore we cannot just concentrate on perfecting autism services; we need to see a much wider culture change to really make a difference.  We need support across society!!  We need support to break down the societal barriers that stand in our way and this needs to be done at a local, national, and international level   


Many Autistic people face multiple forms of  discrimination because they fit multiple protected characteristics and will often be a minority within a minority Multiple forms of discrimination mean multiple barriers.

Autistic people have rights too and there are many wonderful autistic advocates who are currently speaking up and campaig to ensure the next generations of autistic people do not face the same discrimination that we did growing up.

Autistic Advocates, Parents and Carers, Campaigners and friends of the Autistic community have begun to come together to defend the rights of Autistic Individuals We have come together to ensure that the voices of Autistic people are heard and that their needs are recognised.   


We all want our campaigning and advocacy to help the next generation of autistics and change the perception from the old view of the autistic trapped in there solitary world to a new view of groups of us who come together in networks that spread out across the globe who stand up for what's right, with empathy, understanding and compassion and more importantly as a community   

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